Today I was a confused mom

Today I was a confused mom at the grocery store.

I was looking for whole milk yogurt for Junior and that’s when I saw this…

Then I looked to the right and saw this…


It’s hard enough shopping with a small child, now add the stress of sorting through all these labels and I was ready to give up.

I was not confused because I was did not understand what these labels meant, I know that these are all fear mongering marketing tactics. I was confused and frustrated because as someone who is involved in agriculture and also a mom, I had so many feels for other moms who find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to product labels.

All I wanted was a full fat yogurt for my child without all the fancy bells and whistles. Something that he would enjoy and that would be good for him.

Today I left the grocery story with a generic, store brand yogurt along with an appreciation for all the other moms out there just trying to make the right choice.

There are days when it’s frustrating to be raising livestock in your neighbor’s backyards. But then there are days when you see the opportunities to advocate, to share your story and to show them you’re not just growing food, you’re growing your family the same way they are.




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