Back to the Future Part II

In a previous blog post, I introduced you to my family’s farm and talked about how in the last 150 years the original farmstead went from 173 acres to 65. My husband and I are using just a few of those acres to raise cattle on.

If I could go jump in a time machine with Marty McFly and Doc Brown, I wonder what our farmstead would look like in the next 150 years? Would it even exist?

In the past two years, we have made several improvements in order for our farm to be efficient and sustainable. For example, when we started we were dragging a garden hose out to the barn to fill the water tanks. This made winter in Wisconsin even more painful than it already is. So one summer, my father helped us dig a water line and install water tanks.

Creating a sustainable future for our farm.
Getting ready to dig the waterline!


We also removed posts in the barn, poured new concrete so cleaning out the manure would be easier and reinforced the walls of this barn. We’ve also cleaned out another barn next to this one so that we can sort the cows from the calves when it comes time to weaning.

Freshly poured concrete for the cows
Previous the cows had to step up into the barn, now they can walk easily up the ramp.

These efforts have helped us be more efficient and allow to maximize the small space we have access to.

Sustainability is important to us not only so that our family’s legacy continues for the next generations, but for the entire value chain and ultimately the end consumer of our products so that we can make more with less.

Tim & Danielle Clark 2014
Leaving our legacy so they don’t forget we were here. Tim & Danielle Clark 2014

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