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Farm Update: Spring Happenings.

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought this would be a good opportunity to give an update on the herd.¬†Spring is here which for us means that it’s time to check to make sure our beef cows are pregnant.

From December through March, we’ve been renting a bull. Now that he’s back home, our veterinarian will visit us on April 11 to confirm which cows are bred and which are not.

Pregnant cows get the P for pregnant during herd health
P is for Pregnant!

For any farmer, this can cause our blood pressure to rise because if a cow is not bred you have to make a decision.

Do you keep her and continue to pay to feed her and hope that she breeds next time?

Or do you sell her?

Because we are a small herd and we prefer to have our calves be born in the fall, it does not work financially for us to keep an animal who is not bred. We would have to continue to feed her and run the risk that she may not get bred the next time around which for us would be another year.

I never expect all our cows to breed. Last year our conception rate was 82%. This year I’m hoping we make the same grade or better. Stay tuned to find out!

New calf being cared for by mom.
Momma cleaning off her newborn baby calf during the fall calving season. Can you see the neighbors house in the background? They get a great view of new life on the farm!

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