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On this International Women’s Day 2016, I thought I’d touch on the topic of what it means to be a FarmHer in my world.

I am proud of Wisconsin agriculture
I am WI Ag Proud

It means that I have to work off the farm full time in order to financially support our business and our family.

It means that rather during the winter time, my husband does the chores while I stay inside with our young son.

It means that I am jealous that my husband gets to run the skid loader and clean out manure on the weekends.

Cleaning out the beef lot.
Yes, I am jealous my husband gets to scrape manure.


It means that I am not the first on the list of people who get to drive the big tractors on my family’s farm.

Harvest time on the farm
Riding a long in the grain cart. Hoping one day someone will ask me to drive!

It means that one of my dreams is to some day get the call that I am needed to do something other than bring a meal out to the field.

It means that I appreciate the small, but important roles that exist in a farm family like bringing a meal out to the field.

Lunch in the field and a note with love.
I like to include notes when I bring out meal. Grow corn, grow!

It means that my husband relies on me to hold down the fort during spring planting and fall harvest.

It means that when someone needs a ride out to the field, they can’t get there without me.

It means that as a wife and mother, I’m the glue that holds the family together during the most stressful times of the year.

Here’s to all the FarmHer’s out there who are holding their farm family together.


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